Vulkan Meditex E.A.B

  • Adhesive athletic tape for wrapping ankles and wrists
  • Wrap is easy to apply and affordable
  • Conforms to the shape of the body for a natural fit
  • Porous material doesn't retain water
  • For supporting joints and muscles while exercising or after minor injuries

This medical tape is designed to support joints and muscles. The adhesive holds it firmly in place to provide the best possible results. It is a great way to stabilise an ankle or wrist after an injury.

Professional Grade at a Reasonable Price

Vulkan Meditex E.A.B is a high-qaulity medical tape that you don't have to break the bank for. It is made from porous material that allows water and sweat to pass through for a comfortable feel and long-lasting fit.

Inury Recovery

The tape is great for using while working out for extra support and after an injury for stabilisation. Wrapping a wrist or ankle with Vulkan Meditex E.A.B is a great way to prevent unwanted movmement in a joint or muscle after an injury.